Hello! I am a software engineer working on machine learning tools for Google in Austin, Texas.

I am also finishing up as a CS PhD candidate at Cornell University concentrating in scientific computing and machine learning. My research focuses on developing fast efficient algorithms based on analytic and algebraic methods to process linear systems arising from discretizing kernel functions in domains with very large amounts of data (for example, factoring million by million matrices).

The two main outputs of my grad school research can be found at and My disseration will be shared here once its finished!

Since beginning my PhD I’ve also had the pleasure to intern once with Tesla in a data science role (2021 remotely) and twice with Google in machine learning roles (2018 in LA, 2019 in Cambridge). In 2016 I graduated from NYU with a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science. I’m also halfway through training for my private pilot’s license, a guitar and piano player, an avid cinephile, and a fan of road trips and skiing! On this site, you can learn about my current and past research, publications, projects, and education, as well as some blog posts and other interests.


John Paul Ryan
Email: The format is XXXX (at) cs (dot) cornell (dot) edu and you can replace the X’s with johnryan.